Good friends are hard to find (but surprisingly easy to refer).

Referral Steps

Refer a friend/colleague and if they are hired at any point through WorkPanda you get paid a referral fee!


Refer your friend.


Your friend confirms they know you.


If they get hired, you get paid! Simple.

Think about it as a side hustle.

Every time you refer a friend to WorkPanda and they get hired you make money. Think about it as a side hustle. You just make the introduction and leave the rest to us. Happy days

Save your friends and your money.

Got a friend who really needs to break-up with their current employer? Send a referral to help them move on. We’re dedicated to the industry, and we’ve got your back and all your friends’ backs too.

Spread the word across your network.

Start sending those referrals today and you’ll be making money in no time!