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Jainie Shah

Jainie Shah

Project Manager

WorkPanda helped me to connect with influential people in the Surveying industry who were willing to help me gain valuable experience and knowledge. This continuous support and encouragement got me through the competitive process of achieving my graduate role at Turner & Townsend.

Cody Holness

Cody Holness

Project Manager
Cody Holness

I’ve been a part of the WorkPanda community for over 3 years. WorkPanda has helped me to accelerate within my career and life. The advice I’ve received from WorkPanda has enabled me to learn new skills, attain various professional memberships and provide me with confidence to be promoted to an assistant project manager.

Pasqualina Puglisi

Pasqualina Puglisi

Project Manager

As an Engineering graduate, who had previously had her eyes set on becoming a dentist, WorkPanda was there to reaffirm and support my decision to follow my heart, to pursue a career in the built environment. Being part of WorkPanda helped me to bridge my knowledge gap and build a clearer vision for my own career map.

Tom Turner

Tom Turner

Building Surveyor

WorkPanda underlines one of the major draws of being a chartered surveyor: international working opportunities. Being MRICS helped me secure a position in Australia allied with speaking to other surveyors who had made the move before. WorkPanda provides an invaluable service of linking graduates to opportunities.

Jamie Young

Jamie Young


WorkPanda is the complete experience for those choosing a career within the built environment. WorkPanda was able to provide me with career focussed advice from a wide range of individuals and sectors which help me outline the sector I wanted to pursue. WorkPanda connects you to the world.

Thomas Rae

Thomas Rae

Design Architect

WorkPanda is an excellent platform for individuals who are looking to connect with a global network and discover new opportunities. The team provided me with some invaluable guidance regarding potential career options in the Middle East.

“WorkPanda is an effective, reliable and trustworthy firm that has helped us source technical talent”

Dana Sulcova
Office Manager At Killa Design, UAE
Dana Sulcova, Killa Designs

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