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Why should I use WorkPanda?
WorkPanda is hyper-regional focused and we pride ourselves on our experience within the Built Environment. We have access to hundreds of pre-screened candidates from all around the world. Whether you’re looking for an intern, apprentice, graduate or seasoned professional we’ve got you covered. We provide an integrated solution, so you don’t have to spend hours on LinkedIn or parse through thousands of resumes. What’s more, we use word of mouth to vet our candidates
How does WorkPanda help Employers?
WorkPanda is a marketplace which brings the best talent to your doorstep. We empower our network to find exceptional people. We have spent years building a sector specific network which makes it simpler to find exceptional candidates.
How do you source candidates?
Finding people is tough, but we've built a highly curated community over 10 years. We've also worked on the other side delivering complex projects, so we have a very good understanding of what you're looking for. We understand first hand what your technical team are looking for which we believe adds extreme value. It's easy to post on social media and forward resume. However, we truly believe referrals carry a higher degree of validation
How does WorkPanda vet candidates?
Each of our candidates are pre-screened by our in-house curation team of former industry professionals. Our team have worked across the industry, so they know first-hand what it takes to hire the best and build teams of the future. Don't be disheartened if you are not accepted onto our
How many candidates can I expect on WorkPanda?
The number of candidates on our database varies depending on the role you’re hiring for. It all depends on how restrictive or open you are when creating your job vacancy. Remember Candidates won’t be able to apply if they don’t meet your criteria. This will ensure you are matched with the perfect candidates. New candidates go live on our marketplace daily, so expect being matched consistently.
How do I communicate with candidates?
Communication is important, particularly during the hiring process. Once an introduction is made by WorkPanda we will facilitate the conversation until a hire is made. The hiring manager is not allowed to reach our directly to the Candidate unless WorkPanda has received prior consent.
Are all canddiates pre-screened?
Yes, to ensure you have access to the best candidates within the marketplace we pre-screen all candidates. Your reputation is our reputation and we want to ensure that you have access to only the best. Nothing less.
Can WorkPanda put the vacancy on social media?
Posting on social media may increase the exposure and allow more Candidates to apply to your job vacancy.
How much does WorkPanda charge?
Our pricing varies and dependent on the role, geography and urgency of hire. You can email us on support@WorkPanda.io
What if the candidate does not show up to the interview?
We have not control over this and it is the decision of the Employer to decide the appropriate action. By using WorkPanda you are agreeing your WorkPanda strict Terms & Conditions.
How does your referral program work?
Referrals are considered an alternative method for finding candidates. What this means is that WorkPanda community members are asked to refer a candidate for the open position. Our network is made up of construction professionals who have a greater understanding of who your candidate persona or your ideal candidate is. We have found this a great way to reward community members but also stimulate the hiring process. You can find more information here https://www.workpanda.io/refer-a-friend