About us

We’re on a mission to be the leading platform for hiring professionals across all levels, roles & geographies

Our manifesto

We’re dedicated to building a diverse team – in all senses of the word. We’re focused on people, and this is what drives our WHY.

About Us

  • 2021

    Year founded
  • Delaware

    Based In
  • 3

    Team members

We're People First

  • 1
    People-centric - Results through collaboration
  • 2
    Ambitious - Intelligent Risk Taking
  • 3
    No Boundaries - Going Above & Beyond
  • 4
    Diversity - Diverse in Everything We Do
  • 5
    Approachable - Transparent, Open & Honest

Our core behaviors

Values are meaningless without action. At WorkPanda, our core behaviors are at the center of all we do

Start with customers
Practice extraordinary kindness
Be radically candid
Move intentionally fast
Dream big
Quality-driven environment

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Software Partner

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