6 Tips to secure a Surveying Job today

WorkPanda has seen an increase in the number of people who are interested in joining the profession from other industries. There seems to be some ambiguity whether employers consider such candidates, how to secure a job with no relevant experience and general confusion on whether you can enrol onto a course without having qualifications in construction, property or real estate.

Let me start by saying

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something... explore, learn and develop yourself to be the best you can possibly be”

For most professionals there will be an opportunity cost between leaving behind what they have learnt, the networks they have built and possibly their salary, for a path which has no certainty of providing fulfilment.

We’ve all heard the phrase:

“the grass is not always greener on the other side”

Our mission at WorkPanda is helping people realise their potential and in doing so get them to where they want to be in their career and lives.

This is some of our suggestions:


Understand what you want from life, you spend a large part of your life at work as such you need to ensure the decision to move/switch is an informed one. Weigh up the pros/cons? What are your strengths? What impact will this have on you and your life? How are you going to get there? How long will this take? Who can help you? Which companies? …write as much down as possible – similar to my previous post.


Without a plan, you are pretty much being spontaneous, and we all know what that leads to FAILURE! Having a plan will separate those who are serious about achieving their goals and those who just want it bad but CBA! Every candidate who comes to WorkPanda has to have a plan! Reinforce the plan with what you have written in your brainstorm.


Conduct thorough research… and I don’t mean just ‘Google it’. I mean desktop research, I mean pick up the phone… don’t hide behind your emails… don’t wait for that person to accept your LinkedIn request. Be proactive my friend. Go to RICS events, CPD, social events, network with those who can give you rational and up to date advice. Things are changing every second, minute, hour...! There are tons and tons of information online. Only 5% will be relevant to you. Actually wait maybe 1%.

“He who asks is a fool for 5 minutes, but he who does not ask at all is a fool forever”.


Technology has absolutely revolutionised the way we share and disseminate knowledge and information. Social media tools like Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook have made it almost effortless to connect, engage and collaborate with people; globally. Speak to those within the industry, in that sector, that role, that position that company, those who can provide support and guidance, speak to family and friends. Free advice is sometimes the best advice (note from a source you trust!). Yes, 20% of people will ignore you but 80% will are likely to help you or point you in the right direction. Note, there is a difference between persistence/being proactive and being annoying. Make sure your communication is clear. Structuring emails and telephone calls is important


Before anyone says I can’t study towards a course because I don’t work within the industry… who are you kidding? During the first part of my RICS accredited course, I was undertaking voluntary work experience and was pretty much unemployed for a good part of 15 months. You can find RICS course providers here. Again, pick up the phone and have chat with these course providers. If you’re an accountant, pharmacist and or work half the year in a different country, you can study via a distance learning course; remotely. You don't have to go to university full time, however, this can be an option.


Although it is great to have some industry knowledge and relevant experience, it is not compulsory. Employers are looking at candidates who are capable of delivering the role at the expected level. This means having the skills, competencies and capability to deliver. Understand the role before you hit the submit button. Have you tailored your resume? Do you understand the company’s values and business strategy? How do you fit into this? Sell your skills, not your experience. Most of the professionals who come to WorkPanda don’t really understand the process and this is why they are faced with rejection. If you understand EXACTLY what the employer is looking for in a candidate and you are able to give them this… well then my friend… you’re onto something. Look at some of our testimonials to warrant such advice.

WorkPanda was set up for this very reason. Help inspire people, and in doing so get them to where they want to be within their career. We are a very positive, forward-thinking and innovative organisation. We may not be able to get you into your ideal position… however, you can be sure that we will try our damn best!