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From Experience: Helping you realise your True Potential

Helping you realise your true potential

It was through his own adversity and hardship securing a job back in 2011 which led Shyam to create such a hiring platform online - WorkPanda

“The beginning is always the hardest, particularly when you are not certain about the options available to you. For me, networking online and interacting with those already within industry provided me with some direction to potential careers”

Shyam believes that as a profession we are doing young people a huge disservice if we don’t give them the right information to ensure they are able to make proper well informed decisions about their future. As the built environment is so diverse, it may be difficult to make the right decisions about your future.

There is a massive information gap between what young people know about careers and opportunities open to them and the actual jobs that exist. Although it is part responsibility of the industry to ensure that those in education are clear of these requirements, it is important that young people themselves have access to a range of information to make informed life decisions.Far too many young people have to make vital and incredibly important decisions about their future without enough access to good and reliable information. As such, we understand the need to ensure that young people have access to high quality impartial professional careers advice backed up by first-hand insights into the world of work.

"The transition from student to professional is a challenging one. With soo much information online what do you go by? Student forums? careers advise services? employers website? ...What I wanted was a once stop shop to get me from A (Student) to B (Employment) without the trouble."

WorkPanda provides youngsters with the information they need to make the right career choices, and as such become a leading social platform for those interested in joining the profession. The brand and following have now evolved and we currently attract over 2250+ members across the globe.

WorkPanda attracts students, surveyors, universities, employers and recruiters alike through one platform. One of the most important drivers for WorkPanda is to create an integrated approach to a career within the built environment, helping to break down barriers to create value within our profession.Over the past 5 years, we have helped student’s secure Graduate positions across the UK and much recently IMEA. WorkPanda provides students with the right information to ensure they are well equipped for the journey ahead.Services that we provide:

  1. Career Route Advice
  2. Resume & Cover Letter Advice
  3. Interview Advice & Preparation Tips
  4. Social Media Advice
  5. Helping to build your Professional Career Brand
  6. Information on Employers
  7. Information on Jobs/Internships/Placements
  8. Information on Events
  9. Online Networking Opportunities

The WorkPanda community helps to create a healthier and more sustainable environment for the generation of tomorrow. It is an opportunity for the youth to hear directly from people working in a vast range of Built Environment disciplines by talking about their jobs, personal experience and thoughts on wider economic factors. It has much to offer students, trainees and those newly qualified. However, its continued success relies on members getting involved and sharing their views.