For Customers wanting to make Referrals


1. Who can I refer?
You can refer friends, colleagues or family who are not currently WorkPanda customers.
2. Can I refer someone who I don’t know?
No. you need to know the candidate you are referring.
3. How Do I make a Referral?
Click here to make a referral.
4. How many friends can I refer?
There is no limit to the number of referral offers you can send to your friends.
5. If I was referred, how do I accept the referral?
You will need to click on the link provided via email and follow the steps to registration. Please note we may call you to check for extra verification.
6. What does my friend need to do to redeem the referral?
1. Tell your friend they must follow the step-step process via email (by registering on WorkPanda) will reach out for suitable opportunities.

2. They will need to be verified by WorkPanda before they are formally a member on the platform WorkPanda.

3. WorkPanda will reach out for suitable opportunities.
7. My friend is already a WorkPanda member, but I was the one who told them about WorkPanda. Can I still get a referral credit?
In order to qualify for a referral fee, your friend must be a new WorkPanda member who activated after they were sent the referral.
8. How do I qualify for a referral reward?
It’s simple, the person you are referring needs to acknowledge how they know you through a series of qualified questions.
9. How long does it take for the fee to be issued?
If all criteria have been met and the person you have referred has received an offer from one of WorkPanda’s employers, they will need to suffice (i) pass their probation and (ii) WorkPanda's fee from the employer has been paid out.
10. Will you give out my friend's contact information?
WorkPanda reserves the right to contact your friend and request them to acknowledge the referral email (for registration)
For People Referred to WorkPanda


1. How do I redeem the referral?
As the person being referred, there are three things you need to do:
1. Redeem the offer by registering via your unique email link
2. You need be positively verified by WorkPanda (discretionary)
3. After positive verification, you will become a member of WorkPanda, and you give us the right to represent you as a candidate for purposes of employment.
4. If you are hired through WorkPanda and we receive our fee from the Employer, we will make payment to the person who made the initial referral.
2. How long are referrals valid?
There is no timeframe, as long as it takes to get hired.
3. What if I was referred to by more than one person?
You can only accept one referral offer.
4. How many friends can I refer?
There is no limit to the number of referral offers you can send to your friends.
5. What other requirements to do I need to meet to get the referral fee?
In order to qualify for rewards, you must live within UAE or KSA and have a valid bank account. Unfortunately, we cannot wire money to international accounts. You also need to know the referral personally